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Discover Your Ideal Investment: Residential and Commercial Plots


  • Located off Old Murang’a road in Farmlands Plainsview Estate
  • In the neighborhood of Thika Greens
  • Controlled Development
  • 3 KM from Thika Town
  • Water from private boreholes
  • 3-phase electricity on site
  • Well graded all weather murram roads
  • Ready titles


Unlock the doors to prime real estate with our exclusive offering – 1/8 Acre Residential and Commercial Plots for Sale in the coveted Farmlands Plainsview Estate. Nestled conveniently off Old Murang’a Road and in the prestigious neighborhood of Thika Greens, these plots are tailored for discerning investors seeking a perfect blend of residential tranquility and commercial opportunities.




📍 Strategic Location: Situated merely 3 kilometers from Thika Town, these plots enjoy a strategic location that combines the charm of serene residential living with the dynamism of commercial prospects. The proximity to Thika Town ensures easy access to urban amenities while maintaining a peaceful retreat.

🌳 Controlled Development: Embrace a community-focused environment with controlled development measures. This ensures that the aesthetics and harmony of the neighborhood are preserved, providing a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing community for residents and businesses alike.

💧 Water Security: Enjoy a reliable water supply sourced from private boreholes. The presence of private boreholes ensures consistent access to water, catering to the essential needs of both residential and commercial developments.

💡 Powerful Connectivity: Experience the convenience of 3-phase electricity on-site, facilitating seamless power supply for various purposes. Whether you envision a residential haven or a thriving commercial establishment, the availability of electricity enhances the potential for diverse development.

🚗 Well-Graded Roads: Navigate through the area with ease on well-graded all-weather murram roads. The infrastructure ensures smooth connectivity, making the plots easily accessible and reducing commute times for residents and customers alike.

📜 Ready Titles: Secure your investment with peace of mind – these plots come with ready titles. The straightforward title acquisition process eliminates uncertainties, allowing investors to proceed confidently with their residential or commercial development plans.


Pricing Details:

  • Commercial Plots: Priced at an attractive 2.5 million Kenyan Shillings per plot, these commercial plots present a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to establish a presence in the thriving Farmlands Plainsview Estate.
  • Residential Plots: The residential plots, priced at 1.8 million Kenyan Shillings per plot, offer an affordable avenue for individuals and families to build their dream homes in a tranquil and well-connected environment.


Whether you’re an investor eyeing commercial success or a homeowner aspiring for tranquil living, these Farmlands Plainsview Estate Residential and Commercial Plots cater to your unique vision. Seize the opportunity to be part of a flourishing community that harmonizes residential bliss with commercial vibrancy.


PRICE: Residential – KES 1.8M/plot

Commercial – KES 2.5M/plot

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