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Maendeleo House, Monrovia Street, Nairobi





  • Located along kipande road in Nairobi CBD
  • Rectangular in shape
  • Tenure: Leasehold interest, the remaining term period 56 years
  • No encumbrances
  • No rates arrears
  • Ideal for residential or commercial use
  • Price 120 million negotiable


Unveil the limitless possibilities of urban transformation with our exclusive offering – a ¼ Acre Redevelopment Plot for Sale in the heart of Nairobi CBD. Strategically positioned along Kipande Road, this rectangular gem presents a golden opportunity for visionary investors seeking to redefine the urban landscape.


📍 Prime Location: Nestled within the bustling Nairobi CBD, this ¼ Acre stands as a testament to prime real estate. The strategic placement along Kipande Road ensures unparalleled visibility and accessibility, making it an ideal canvas for both residential and commercial development.


📐 Rectangular Brilliance: The plot’s rectangular shape provides a harmonious balance between versatility and aesthetic appeal. This well-defined layout opens doors to a myriad of architectural possibilities, allowing developers to optimize the space efficiently.


🏡🏢 Versatile Potential: Unlock the full spectrum of possibilities with this redevelopment plot. Whether you envision a modern residential haven or a cutting-edge commercial establishment, the canvas is yours to shape. The prime location coupled with a blank slate allows for tailored development that aligns with your vision.


📅 Leasehold Interest: With a remaining term period of 56 years, this redevelopment plot assures a secure investment. The leasehold interest provides the flexibility needed for long-term planning, ensuring stability and peace of mind for investors and developers alike.


🚫 No Encumbrances: Seize the opportunity without hindrance – this redevelopment plot comes free from encumbrances. No legal or financial constraints stand in the way, offering a clear path to realizing your redevelopment dreams.


💰 Negotiable Price: Priced at 120 million Kenyan Shillings, this plot presents a negotiable investment that aligns with its immense potential. The negotiable pricing structure allows room for strategic negotiations, ensuring that the value derived from this redevelopment plot exceeds expectations.


🌆 Residential or Commercial: The choice is yours. Whether you aim to create a vibrant residential community or a bustling commercial hub, this redevelopment plot caters to both aspirations. Imagine architecting a skyline-altering structure or crafting a serene oasis amidst the urban hustle – the possibilities are boundless.


📉 No Rates Arrears: Rest easy knowing that this redevelopment plot comes with a clean slate. No rates arrears, no financial baggage – just a pristine canvas awaiting your innovative touch.


Embrace the future of urban development with this ¼ Acre Redevelopment Plot for Sale along Kipande Road. The intersection of prime location, versatile potential, and negotiable pricing makes this offering a rare gem in the competitive real estate landscape. Don’t miss your chance to shape the city’s skyline – contact us now to delve deeper into this unparalleled opportunity. Your vision, our canvas – let the redevelopment journey begin. #RedevelopmentPlot #UrbanCanvas #PrimeRealEstate #NairobiCBDInvestment 🌆🏡🏢


PRICE: KES 120M Negotiable

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