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  • Growing Demand: Rongai is part of the Greater Nairobi Metropolitan Area, which is experiencing rapid population growth and urbanization. The influx of people into the region is driven by employment opportunities, educational institutions, and infrastructural developments. As the population increases, the demand for rental housing also rises, making an apartment block in Rongai a promising investment.


  • Redevelopment Potential: One of the significant advantages of purchasing a property-apartment block for sale in Rongai is the potential for redevelopment. The area is zoned for residential use thus giving you the opportunity to renovate or reconfigure the existing apartments or even construct additional floors to increase the number of units. This can significantly enhance the property’s value and income-generating potential. You can upgrade the apartments with modern amenities, renovate common areas, or implement eco-friendly features to attract higher-paying tenants and increase property value. Higher rental yields can contribute to a faster return on investment and increased cash flow.


  • Rental Income Stability with High Population Density: Compared to owning single residential units, the apartment block for sale in Rongai offers diversification in terms of rental income. With multiple tenants, the risk of income loss due to vacancy or non-payment reduces, providing a more stable cash flow. This includes a monthly income of KES 150,000 with the apartment fully occupied throughout. Rongai’s population density is increasing due to the influx of people seeking better opportunities. As available land becomes scarcer, well-located apartment blocks could become more valuable due to the limited supply of housing options.


  • Urbanization and Infrastructural Growth: Rongai is undergoing infrastructural developments, such as road expansions and improved transportation links to Nairobi. These developments increase the area’s attractiveness for tenants and potential buyers, positively impacting the property’s value and rental demand.


  • Flexible Exit Strategy: Owning the property- an apartment block for sale in Rongai offers more flexibility in exit strategies. If your initial plan was to hold the property for rental income, you can decide to sell it in the future when property values have appreciated significantly, allowing you to realize capital gains.


  • Availability of Skilled Labor: Nairobi’s proximity ensures access to skilled labor and professionals, including architects, contractors, and property managers, facilitating the redevelopment process with greater efficiency.


  • Demographic Shifts: Rongai has experienced a demographic shift with a growing middle class and young professionals seeking affordable housing options. Investing in residential apartment blocks can cater to this demographic, ensuring consistent tenant demand.


  • Long-Term Asset Appreciation: Historically, real estate has proven to be a hedge against inflation, and well-located properties tend to appreciate in value over the long term. Owning the apartment block for sale in Rongai positions you to benefit from the potential appreciation of both land and property.


  • Community Development: As an owner of a residential apartment block, you contribute to the local community’s development by providing safe and affordable housing options for residents, enhancing your reputation as a responsible investor.


  • Tourism and Hospitality Growth: Rongai’s proximity to popular tourist destinations, such as the Nairobi National Park and the Ngong Hills, contributes to the area’s growth potential. Increased tourism and hospitality development can boost rental demand for residential units.


  • Green Spaces and Serenity: Rongai is known for its serene environment and green spaces, attracting people seeking a more relaxed lifestyle away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Apartment blocks that offer a peaceful living experience can be particularly appealing to tenants.


  • Residential Apartment block for sale in Rongai
  • Sitting on a (0.25) quarter-acre
  • Located in Rongai, 500 M off Magadi Road
  • Tenure: Freehold Interest
  • The title deed is available and ready for transfer
  • Close proximity to Barclays Bank
  • Close proximity to Rongai Mall
  • Approximately rental income of KES 150,000 per month
  • Ideal for the redevelopment of high-rise residential apartment
  • The block for sale in Rongai consists of
  1. 4 units of one bedroom to let
  2. 14 units of two bedrooms to let
  3. 1 unit of three bedrooms to let

PRICE: KES 19 M Negotiable

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