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500-Acre Tea Estate for Sale, Kiambu, Kenya


Discover the Lush Kiambu Tea Estate – A Verdant Oasis of 500 Acres

Are you searching for a captivating tea estate nestled in the heart of Kiambu County? Look no further! This vast Kiambu Tea Estate covering an enchanting 500-acre expanse, dedicated to the flourishing cultivation of tea. This verdant paradise offers an exceptional opportunity for tea enthusiasts, investors, or those seeking a slice of agricultural heaven.

Features of this Kiambu Tea Estate

  • Tea Bliss 🍃☕

The heart and soul of this farm lie in its thriving tea plantation, with mature tea bushes that yield an impressive annual harvest of 3.2 million kilograms of the finest tea leaves. If you appreciate the art of tea cultivation, you’ll be captivated by the well-maintained tea gardens and their consistent, high-quality output.

  • Rainfall Blessings

With an average annual rainfall ranging between 1500mm to 1800mm, the farm benefits from abundant and consistent rainfall. This climatic advantage ensures the tea plants receive the ideal moisture levels for optimal growth. The perfect harmony of nature in this region makes it a prime location for tea farming.

  • Fertile Soils for Excellence 🏞️

Kiambu Tea Farm’s soil is the lifeblood of its success. The fertile soil on this property is specifically tailored for tea cultivation, ensuring robust and high-quality tea production. The land’s soil composition is well-suited for the thriving growth of tea plants.

  • Accessible All Year Round 🚗🌄

Access to this tea farm is hassle-free, thanks to well-maintained murram roads that are navigable throughout the year. Your convenience is a priority, making it easy to reach and manage your tea plantation. Whether you’re an experienced tea farmer or a newcomer, the accessibility of this property ensures smooth operations.

  • Investment Opportunity 💼💰

Kiambu Tea Farm isn’t just a tea lover’s paradise; it’s a sound investment opportunity. With its established tea production, annual harvest, and the potential for expansion, it offers a gateway to a thriving agribusiness. The demand for high-quality tea is evergreen, making this property a wise investment with the promise of substantial returns.

  • Your Tea Dream Awaits 🏡🍃

Whether you’re an aspiring tea farmer or a seasoned agricultural investor, this Kiambu Tea Estate beckons you to be a part of its rich legacy. With mature tea plants, reliable water sources, fertile soil, and easy accessibility, it’s the perfect canvas for your tea cultivation aspirations.

  • Abundant Tea Bushes🍃💰

On average the farm boasts a robust 8,500 tea bushes per Hectare, making the most of the available space to maximize on production and profitability.


Reasons to Consider this Kiambu Tea Estate as your next Investment



  • High Global Demand: Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide, making it a reliable and profitable market for Kenyan tea farmers.


  • Steady Income: Tea farming provides a consistent source of income with regular harvests throughout the year, offering financial stability.


  • Resilience to Market Fluctuations: Unlike some crops, tea prices are relatively stable and less susceptible to market volatility, reducing financial risks for farmers.


  • Ideal Climate and Soil: Kenya’s favorable climate and diverse topography create excellent conditions for tea cultivation, allowing for high-quality tea production.


  • Employment Opportunities: Tea farming generates jobs, benefiting both rural and urban communities and contributing to economic growth and poverty reduction.


  • Foreign Exchange Earnings: The export of Kenyan tea contributes significantly to the country’s foreign exchange earnings, bolstering the economy.


  • Value Addition: The tea industry offers opportunities for value addition through processing, packaging, and branding, leading to higher returns for farmers.


  • Sustainable Agriculture: Many tea farms in Kenya employ sustainable farming practices, which benefit the environment and ensure long-term viability.


  • Government Support: The Kenyan government provides support and incentives to promote tea farming, including subsidies and extension services.


  • Access to Global Markets: Kenya’s tea is globally recognized for its quality, allowing tea farmers to access international markets and command premium prices.


  • Diversification: Tea farming can be integrated with other agricultural activities, diversifying income sources for farmers.


  • Community Development: Tea farming often leads to the development of local infrastructure, schools, healthcare facilities, and improved living standards.


  • Long-Term Investment: Tea bushes have a lifespan of several decades, making tea farming a long-term investment with the potential for generational wealth.


  • Research and Innovation: Kenya’s tea industry continually invests in research and innovation, improving farming techniques and product quality.


  • Climate Resilience: Tea cultivation provides a buffer against climate change, as it can adapt to varying weather conditions and altitudes.


  • Global Recognition: Kenyan tea, especially black tea, is renowned for its distinct flavor and aroma, which can fetch premium prices in the international market.


  • Stable Export Market: Kenya consistently ranks among the world’s top tea exporting countries, ensuring a stable export market for its tea produce.


  • Sustainable Livelihoods: Tea farming offers a pathway to better livelihoods for smallholder farmers and contributes to rural development.


  • Quality Control: Kenya has a well-established quality control system for tea, ensuring that the tea produced meets international standards.


  • Access to Finance: Tea farmers often have access to credit and financial services through cooperatives and government programs, aiding in farm expansion and investment.


  • Heritage and Tradition: Tea farming is deeply rooted in Kenyan culture and history, offering a connection to tradition and heritage.


  • Economic Diversification: Tea farming diversifies the national economy and reduces reliance on a single cash crop or industry.


Don’t Miss Out 🌟🍀

Embrace the opportunity to own this remarkable 500-acre Kiambu Tea Estate. Secure your future in tea cultivation and agribusiness. For more information, inquiries, or to schedule a visit, contact us today.


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