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Prime 5 Bedroom House For Sale In Ngong, Upper Matasia



Discover Your Dream Home: Spacious 5 Bedroom House in Ngong, Upper Matasia

Are you searching for the perfect family home with stunning views and ample space? Look no further! This 5 Bedroom House located in Ngong, Upper Matasia, offers the ideal combination of comfort, elegance, and natural beauty.

Prime Location

Nestled in a serene neighborhood just 10 minutes’ drive from Ngong town, this property boasts an enviable location. Enjoy the convenience of easy access to urban amenities while relishing the tranquility of suburban living.

Panoramic Views

Perched on high grounds, this property treats you to a panoramic view of the picturesque Ololua ridge. Wake up to breathtaking vistas and soak in the beauty of nature from the comfort of your home.

Abundance of Space

Sitting on a generous ½ Acre plot, this 5-bedroom house provides ample room for your family to grow and thrive. The bedrooms are spacious, the kitchen is well-appointed, and the flooring is a blend of wood parquet and elegant tiles.

Garage and Garden

Your vehicles will find a secure home in the lockable garage designed for 2 cars. The mature garden adds a touch of greenery and serenity to the property, creating a peaceful oasis for relaxation.

Security Assured

Your safety is a top priority. The property features an electric fence mounted on the perimeter wall, offering you peace of mind and a secure living environment.

Competitive Price

Priced at KES 40 million (negotiable), this 5 Bedroom House presents an excellent opportunity to own a spacious, well-appointed home in Ngong, Upper Matasia.

Located in Ngong, Upper Matasia, and 10 minutes drive from Ngong town.

The property is located on high grounds with a panoramic view of Ololua ridge;

  • On ½ Acre plot
  • 5-bedroom house, spacious bedrooms and kitchen, wood parquet and tiles floor finishes;
  • Lockable garage for 2 cars;
  • Mature Garden;
  • Electric fence mounted on the perimeter wall;


Here are some potential benefits of buying the 5 Bedroom House in Ngong, Upper Matasia:

  • Spacious Living: The house offers ample room for a comfortable and spacious living experience, ideal for families.
  • Scenic Views: Enjoy panoramic views of the stunning Ololua ridge right from your home, providing a picturesque backdrop.
  • Convenient Location: Just a 10-minute drive from Ngong town, you have easy access to urban amenities while residing in a tranquil neighborhood.
  • Generous Outdoor Space: The property sits on a ½ Acre plot, providing space for gardening, outdoor activities, and potential future developments.
  • Secure Parking: A lockable garage for 2 cars ensures the safety and protection of your vehicles.
  • Mature Garden: The mature garden adds beauty and a sense of serenity to your surroundings.
  • Security Features: The electric fence mounted on the perimeter wall enhances security, offering peace of mind to you and your family.
  • Investment Potential: Ngong is a growing area with potential for property value appreciation, making it a sound long-term investment.
  • Tranquil Living: Enjoy a peaceful and serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Elegant Finishes: The house boasts elegant wood parquet and tile floor finishes, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Natural Beauty: Ngong’s natural beauty, combined with the property’s views, creates a tranquil and beautiful living space.
  • Negotiable Price: The property’s competitive price allows for potential negotiations, offering value for your investment.
  • Proximity to Amenities: You’re conveniently close to schools, shopping centers, medical facilities, and more.
  • Potential for Customization: The spacious bedrooms and open spaces offer potential for customization and personalization.
  • Privacy: Enjoy a private and exclusive living space within the serene neighborhood.


These benefits make the 5 Bedroom House in Ngong, Upper Matasia a desirable property for those seeking a spacious, secure, and elegant home with stunning views.


Price:  KES. 35 million negotiable.

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