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Discover an outstanding investment opportunity in Sumbawanga’s bustling Kizwite Area – a Meat Processing Plant and Animal Feed Industry encompassing 14.70 hectares hosting both industries. The meat processing facility boasts an impressive capacity of 380 cattle per day and 800 goats/sheep per day, ready to meet the demands of both local and cross-border markets in Zambia, Congo DRC, Malawi, Burundi, and Mozambique.

    • This venture stands at the forefront of technology and machinery, with equipment sourced from the Netherlands, all boasting Halal Certifications. Contracts with global buyers are firmly in place, securing a strong foundation for this business. Rukwa region’s substantial livestock numbers and convenient market accessibility further enhance this promising investment opportunity
    • The Project is located in Kizwite Area in Sumbawanga industrial area occupying the area of 14.70 hectares with two industries being Meat Processing Industry and Animal Foods Industry;
    • The factories are located at a prime area to allow expansion of other support services;
    •  The meat processing factory has installed capacity of 380 cattles per day and 800 head of goats/sheep per day;
    •  The meat processing factory has a potential local market and cross boarder market in Zambia, Congo DRC, Malawi, Burundi and Mozambique.

Properties for Sale:

  1. Industrial Plot No. 1306, Block TT Kizwite Area comprising of 14.70 Ha approximately 34.7 acres. The two industries are located on this plot;
    • Residential house on Plot No. 15/61 at Uzunguni Area
    • Six Trucks and Trailers with deep freezer containers;


SAAFI’s business is a modern abattoir, blast freezing and chilling facilities, frozen and chilled meats distribution, animal foods and food supplements plant, (all in sumbawanga town).

SAAFI has installed the latest technology and machinery in East and Central Africa and has achieved all Halal Certifications. All the machinery and equipment are imported from the Netherlands including trucks with cold storage containers. Three suppliers based in Netherlands have supplied slaughter equipment, refrigerated plant, support equipment, material, and vehicles to SAAFI for the meat project namely:

  1. a) Stork Red Meat Slaughtering BV, – of the Netherlands has supplied a cattle slaughter line for a slaughter capacity of 300 cows per day and 800 goats.
  2. b) NRG Business Partner BV has supplied wall panels, vehicles and cold storage containers.
  3. c) GRASSO International BV has supplied a complete refrigeration plant and by product machinery.

SAAFI has managed to sign Contracts with prospective buyers of meat products in different parts of the world; Tanzania (Supermarkets, Mining companies, Government Institutions e.g. Army, Schools, Universities, and Hospitals etc.), Zanzibar especially on tourist hotels, Zambia, Congo, Egypt, the UAE, the Comoros and Malawi; that a prospective buyer would have an advantage of continuing with those contracts as immediate offtakes/ anchor clients.


  • Availability of arable and accessible land
  •  Rukwa region has an estimate number of 691,258 cows, 196,800 goats and 55,997 sheep;
  • There is a National Ranch at Kalambo 50KM from Sumbawanga with a steady supply of beef cattle;
  •  Market accessibility to the land locked countries such as Zambia, DRC, Malawi and Burundi


Feasibility of Owning a Meat Processing Plant in the Kizwite Area of Sumbawanga, Tanzania:

  1. Abundant Livestock Resources: The Kizwite Area is known for its significant livestock population, including cattle, goats, and poultry. This readily available source of livestock provides a strong foundation for a meat processing plant.
  2. Local Livestock Utilization: Owning a meat processing plant in Kizwite allows for the efficient utilization of local livestock resources, reducing the need for long-distance transportation and related costs.
  3. Growing Local Demand: There is a growing demand for processed meat products in the region, driven by an increasing population and changing consumer preferences. Establishing a meat processing plant can cater to this local demand.
  4. Value Addition: A meat processing plant can add significant value to the local livestock sector by transforming raw meat into a variety of processed products, meeting diverse consumer preferences.
  5. Quality Assurance: Operating a local meat processing plant ensures quality control, allowing for the production of safe, hygienic, and high-quality meat products.
  6. Job Creation and Economic Growth: Establishing a meat processing plant can create employment opportunities for the local population, contributing to economic development in the Kizwite Area.
  7. Government Support: Tanzania’s government often supports investments in the agricultural and food processing sectors, providing incentives and a conducive regulatory environment.
  8. Sustainable Practices: Embracing sustainable practices, such as waste management and environmentally responsible operations, can enhance the long-term sustainability of the meat processing plant.
  9. Market Expansion Potential: Beyond serving the local market, there may be opportunities to expand into regional markets, capitalizing on the growing demand for meat products in neighboring areas.
  10. Partnerships with Local Farmers: Collaborating with local livestock farmers can ensure a consistent supply of quality livestock for processing, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

In summary, the feasibility of owning a meat processing plant in the Kizwite Area of Sumbawanga, Tanzania, appears promising due to the abundance of livestock resources, growing local demand, strategic location, value addition potential, government support, and opportunities for job creation and economic growth.


Feasibility of Owning an Animal Feed Industry in the Kizwite Area of Sumbawanga, Tanzania:

  1. Abundant Agricultural Resources: The Kizwite Area in Sumbawanga boasts fertile lands suitable for cultivating a variety of crops used in animal feed production. This agricultural abundance can provide a sustainable source of raw materials for your feed production.
  2. Growing Livestock Sector: The region has a steadily growing livestock sector, including cattle, poultry, and small ruminants. This increasing demand for animal feed presents a favorable market for your feed industry.
  3. Local Market Demand: There is a clear local demand for high-quality animal feed in Kizwite and its surrounding areas. Establishing a feed industry here aligns with the needs of local livestock farmers.
  4. Investment Opportunities: The relatively untapped nature of the animal feed industry in this region offers significant investment opportunities. With the right approach, you can establish a competitive presence in the market.
  5. Supportive Regulatory Environment: Tanzania’s regulatory framework encourages investments in agriculture and agribusiness. By complying with industry standards and regulations, you can operate your feed industry with confidence.
  6. Job Creation and Economic Growth: Establishing an animal feed industry in Kizwite can contribute to local job creation, supporting the livelihoods of the community and fostering economic development.
  7. Sustainability Focus: With a growing global emphasis on sustainable agriculture, a feed industry in this area can prioritize environmentally friendly practices, such as sustainable ingredient sourcing and waste management.
  8. Collaboration Opportunities: Collaborating with local farmers and agricultural cooperatives can help ensure a consistent supply of raw materials and create a mutually beneficial partnership.
  9. Potential for Value Addition: Beyond feed production, there may be opportunities to diversify into related sectors, such as livestock farming or agribusiness, adding value to your operations.


In conclusion, the feasibility of owning an animal feed industry in the Kizwite Area of Sumbawanga, Tanzania, appears promising due to the region’s agricultural resources, growing livestock sector, market demand, strategic location, investment opportunities, supportive regulations, and potential for economic and environmental sustainability. Conducting a detailed feasibility study and market analysis will provide further insights to make informed decisions regarding this venture.

Price: 4 Million US Dollars (All Assets Included)

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