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Unlock the potential of prime real estate with our exclusive offering – 12 acres of land for sale in Ngecha Limuru, Kiambu. Nestled in the verdant landscapes of Ngecha Limuru, this expansive parcel of land presents a unique opportunity for those seeking a piece of land ideal for agricultural use. Let’s explore the details that make this land a distinctive investment and a canvas for your dreams.


  • Prime Location in Ngecha Limuru, Kiambu: Discover the beauty and serenity of Ngecha Limuru as you consider this remarkable land for sale. Located just a few kilometers from Ngecha town, this 12-acre parcel is strategically positioned within the enchanting Kiambu region. The prime location ensures easy access to essential amenities while immersing you in the tranquility and natural charm of the Ngecha Limuru area.


  • Expansive 12 Acres for Agricultural Ventures: This offering comprises an impressive 12 acres of land, providing an expansive canvas for diverse agricultural endeavors. Whether you envision a thriving farm, orchard, or any agricultural venture, this plot offers the space and potential to turn your agricultural aspirations into reality. The generous size of the land allows for creative and sustainable land use, fostering growth and productivity.


  • Fairly Flat Land with Natural Features: The land for sale in Ngecha Limuru boasts a fairly flat topography, providing a versatile canvas for development and cultivation. The natural features of the land contribute to its suitability for various agricultural activities, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking fertile and accessible terrain for farming.


  • Infrastructure and Utilities: Experience the convenience of modern infrastructure with 3-phase electricity already connected to the land. This ensures seamless access to power for your agricultural operations and potential development projects. Additionally, the presence of a dam on the property enhances its utility for irrigation purposes, providing a sustainable water source for your agricultural ventures.


  • Staff Quarter for Operational Efficiency: Facilitate smooth operations with the inclusion of a staff quarter on the property. This feature contributes to the overall efficiency of managing and overseeing agricultural activities on the land. The staff quarter serves as a practical addition for those considering larger-scale agricultural enterprises.


  • Red Soil for Fertility: The land in Ngecha Limuru is blessed with red soil, renowned for its fertility and suitability for a wide range of crops. Take advantage of this natural asset to establish a productive and sustainable agricultural venture. The red soil is a valuable characteristic that enhances the agricultural potential of the land.


In conclusion, the opportunity to own 12 acres of land in Ngecha Limuru, Kiambu, is a rare and valuable proposition. Seize this chance to invest in a prime location, embrace the agricultural potential, and contribute to the prosperity of the Kiambu region. Whether you’re an experienced farmer or an investor seeking a promising opportunity, this land for sale in Ngecha Limuru is a blank canvas waiting for your vision. Invest in the future; invest in Ngecha Limuru land for sale.


Price Guide: KES 165M negotiable

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