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Maendeleo House, Monrovia Street, Nairobi






A state of the art warehouse located strategically within close proximity of the Inland Container Depot (ICD). They have been thoughtfully designed with a mezzanine and first floor.

It is an Ultra-modern green development that has been granted the EDGE certification which meets internationally accepted environmental standards and ensures benefits from reduced energy and water consumption.



🌐 Welcome to a cutting-edge industrial space in the heart of economic activity! 🏭

Discover the epitome of efficiency with our state-of-the-art warehouses available for lease on Mombasa Road. Perfectly positioned in close proximity to the Inland Container Depot (ICD), these godowns redefine convenience and sustainability.




  • Strategic Location: Situated with foresight, these warehouses are strategically placed near the Inland Container Depot, streamlining your logistics and supply chain operations. This prime location ensures easy access to major transportation routes, facilitating seamless distribution.


  • 🌿 Green Building Certification: Embrace sustainability with our ultra-modern green development. Awarded the prestigious EDGE certification, our warehouses adhere to internationally accepted environmental standards. Experience reduced energy and water consumption, contributing to a greener, more eco-friendly operation.


  • Powerful Infrastructure: Ensure uninterrupted operations with a robust infrastructure. Each godown comes equipped with a 450 KVA generator for reliable backup power, guaranteeing operational continuity even in challenging circumstances. Harness the power of the sun with our solar panels, a testament to our commitment to renewable energy sources.


  • 💧 Abundant Water Supply: Water is never a concern with our borehole providing an impressive 40,000 liters per hour. This ensures consistent water availability for various needs within the warehouse. Stay ahead of your business requirements without worrying about water shortages.


  • 🍽️ Spacious Kitchen Facilities: A well-equipped and spacious kitchen within the warehouse ensures that your workforce has access to convenient and comfortable amenities. Enhance the overall working experience for your team within our thoughtfully designed warehouse spaces.


  • 🚨 Security Measures: Safety is our priority. Benefit from round-the-clock manned security guards and CCTV surveillance, providing you with peace of mind. Your valuable assets are protected, and your business operations remain secure at all times.


  • 🏗️ Goods Lift for Effortless Movement: Maximize efficiency with a goods lift in each godown. This feature streamlines the movement of goods, saving time and effort in the daily operations of your business. Elevate your productivity with this thoughtful addition to our warehouse facilities.


  • 💸 Pricing Details: Lease these cutting-edge warehouses at KES 33.50 per square foot, plus VAT. The service charge is inclusive, ensuring transparent and hassle-free transactions. Benefit from world-class facilities without compromising your budget.


  • 📈 Conclusion: Transform your business operations with our warehouses on Mombasa Road. Elevate your logistical efficiency, embrace sustainability, and enjoy a workspace designed for success. Secure your spot in the future of warehousing—contact us today to discuss leasing options and take your business to new heights! 🌐🏢 #MombasaRoadGodown #WarehouseForLease #IndustrialSpace #EDGEcertified #SustainableBusiness



PRICE: KES 33.50/ sq ft + VAT

Service charge inclusive

Viewing is free and on arrangement.

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