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THREE-BEDROOM APARTMENT TO LET, THIKA ROAD: A beautifully designed furnished unit that Includes housing for domestic staff.

Shopping, the best Imax theater in Kenya, a theme park, and toy stores are all within walking distance. It benefits from a seamless electricity supply and reliable water supply around-the-clock, as well as great road connection to important metropolitan hubs like the airport, UN, Downtown, and Westlands. The highest level of security is maintained by technology and strengthened by human guarding.



  • three-bedroom apartment to let, Thika Road
  • 3 bathroom SQ Laundry
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • High floor-to-ceiling height
  • Yoga and fitness studio
  • Indoor and outdoor gyms, as well as a multipurpose sports complex
  • A heated pool with semi-Olympic proportions
  • Outdoor jogging path
  • Clubhouse
  • Playground for children at a recreation park
  • Children’s play area, BBQ terrace, and social events hall
  • Creche and childcare
  • 1 acre of beautiful gardens
  • Kitchen finishes of the highest quality
  • 24-hour generator
  • IFC edge certified for environmentally responsible design and operation
  • Cameras and 24-hour security are available.
  • Back-up water borehole
  • All blocks have an intercom and access control.
  • Parking is available.



Potential Benefits to Letting this THIKA ROAD THREE-BEDROOM APARTMENT:

  • Convenient Lifestyle: This elegantly designed furnished three-bedroom apartment on Thika Road offers a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. With nearby shopping options, the best IMAX theater in Kenya, a theme park, and toy stores within walking distance, residents can enjoy a vibrant and diverse array of recreational activities and amenities.


  • Inclusive Domestic Staff Housing: The apartment includes housing for domestic staff, adding to the convenience and practicality for those requiring live-in support. This thoughtful inclusion caters to the needs of residents seeking a comprehensive housing solution.


  • Prime Location with Excellent Connectivity: Enjoying a prime location on Thika Road, the apartment ensures excellent connectivity to key metropolitan hubs such as the airport, UN, Downtown, and Westlands. Residents benefit from a great road network, facilitating seamless travel to important destinations.


  • Utilities and Services: The apartment guarantees a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity and water around-the-clock, contributing to a hassle-free living experience. The highest level of security is maintained through a combination of advanced technology and human guarding, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.


  • Luxurious Amenities: Residents of this three-bedroom apartment can indulge in a range of luxurious amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, high floor-to-ceiling height, yoga and fitness studio, indoor and outdoor gyms, a multipurpose sports complex, a heated pool with semi-Olympic proportions, an outdoor jogging path, a clubhouse, and a playground for children at a recreation park.


  • Social and Recreational Spaces: The apartment complex provides additional social and recreational spaces, including a BBQ terrace, a social events hall, a crèche and childcare facility, and 1 acre of beautiful gardens. These spaces foster a sense of community and offer opportunities for residents to relax and socialize.


  • Environmental Responsibility: The apartment is IFC edge certified for environmentally responsible design and operation, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. This certification ensures that residents can enjoy a home that aligns with environmentally friendly practices.


  • Security Measures: The apartment complex is equipped with security features such as cameras, 24-hour security personnel, intercom systems, and access control. These measures contribute to a secure and peaceful living environment.


  • Backup Facilities: With a 24-hour generator and a backup water borehole, the apartment ensures continuity of essential services even during power outages or water supply disruptions, enhancing the overall reliability of the living experience.


  • Flexible Rental Options: The availability of both unfurnished and furnished three-bedroom apartments provides prospective tenants with flexibility. Rental options include 3 bedrooms plus DSQ (Unfurnished – 104,000) and 3 bedrooms plus DSQ (Furnished – 160,000), catering to various preferences and needs.



3 bedrooms plus DSQ (Unfurnished – 104,000)

3 bedrooms plus DSQ (furnished – 160,000)

Inclusive of service fee

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