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Farm Land For Sale in Nkundi Area, Sumbawanga

USD 6,000,000


Prime Farm Land for Sale in Nkundi Area, Sumbawanga-Katavi Road

Welcome to this illustrious farm land for sale (Farm No. 46), a remarkable opportunity for agricultural enthusiasts and investors. Situated in the picturesque Nkundi Area, just 15 kilometers from bustling Sumbawanga Town along the Sumbawanga-Katavi Road, this expansive farm land spans approximately 6,173 hectares (approximately 15,200 acres) and offers a wealth of possibilities.

Farm Land for Sale Property Details:

  • Location: Nkundi Area, Sumbawanga-Katavi Road, Nkasi District, Rukwa Region, Tanzania.
  • Land Tenure: Right of Occupancy for 66 years, commencing from July 1st, 2003, with an impressive 46 years of unexpired term.
  • Coordinates: -7.898747 Latitude, 31.450555 Longitude (WGS 1984 GPS).
  • Usage: This land parcel is designated for farming and livestock keeping.

Farm Land Key Features:

  • Strategic Location: This Farm Land For Sale’s prime location along the Mpanda-Nkasi Highway ensures easy accessibility, making it an ideal hub for various agricultural activities.
  • Infrastructure: The property boasts 25 residential houses for workers and staff, providing essential accommodations for those managing the farm.
  • Utilities: Enjoy a reliable water supply from a private source tank, while electricity is connected from the public main grid. An onsite sewer system efficiently manages waste.
  • Size and Versatility: With over 15,000 acres of cleared and arable land, this property offers ample space for diverse agricultural pursuits.
  • Land Preparation: The farm has undergone extensive clearing and preparation, eliminating bush, rough terrain, and trees, creating a fertile canvas for your agricultural vision.
  • Crops and Operations: Currently, the property operates small-scale farming operations, cultivating Maize, Wheat, Millet, Groundnuts, and Potatoes across approximately 2,500 acres.
  • Arable Soil: The farm features highly fertile soil, coupled with equatorial weather conditions, ensuring optimal conditions for cereal farming and animal ranching.
  • Year-Round Water Supply: Benefit from an uninterrupted supply of water throughout the year, a valuable resource for agricultural productivity.

Benefits to Potential Buyers:

  1. Investment Potential: This expansive farm land represents a significant investment opportunity in the thriving agricultural sector. The presence of cleared land and existing small-scale operations provides a head start for agribusiness ventures.
  2. Strategic Location: The property’s strategic location along a major highway and its proximity to Sumbawanga Town facilitate logistics, making it an attractive choice for agricultural and livestock activities.
  3. Diverse Usage: With ample land available, you can explore various agricultural ventures, including cereal farming, livestock keeping, and more, allowing you to diversify your income streams.
  4. Infrastructure and Utilities: The presence of residential houses, water supply, and electricity connectivity simplifies operations and staff management.
  5. Water Security: The farm’s consistent water supply ensures uninterrupted irrigation for crops and provides water for livestock, a critical resource in agriculture.
  6. Favorable Climate: The equatorial climate of the region creates ideal conditions for year-round farming and ranching activities.
  7. Potential for Expansion: The property offers room for expansion, allowing you to scale up your agricultural endeavors as your business grows.
  8. Supporting the Meat Processing Industry: This property’s location, just 15 kilometers from Sumbawanga Town, primarily used for cattle trading, provides a strategic advantage. It can cater to the supply needs of the nearby meat processing industry, opening up potential collaboration opportunities.

Farm Land For Sale Price: $6 Million US Dollars

In summary, Farm No. 46 in Nkundi Area represents a unique and lucrative opportunity to own a substantial piece of agricultural land with diverse possibilities. Whether you’re an agricultural enthusiast or an investor looking to tap into Tanzania’s thriving agribusiness sector, this property offers the ideal platform to realize your agricultural aspirations while supporting the local economy and the meat processing industry. Don’t miss out on this exceptional investment opportunity. Contact us today for further details and to arrange a viewing.


Price: $6 MILLION

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