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Commercial Plots for Sale Limuru



Prime Land in Limuru Shopping Centre: A World of Opportunity Awaits

Unlock the potential of these exceptional 4-acre Plots for Sale Limuru nestled at the heart of Limuru Shopping Centre. Whether you harbor grand commercial ambitions or aspire to create a serene residential sanctuary, this land represents a canvas upon which your dreams can take shape.

Strategic Location:

Positioned within the bustling Limuru Shopping Centre, this land parcel enjoys an enviable location, perfectly poised for a wide range of development prospects. With seamless access to local amenities and a thriving community, it stands as an ideal setting for both commercial and residential ventures.

Plots for Sale Limuru Property Overview:

Encompassing a sprawling 4 acres, this land generously provides ample room for your development visions to flourish. Whether your vision entails a bustling commercial enterprise, an idyllic residential haven, or a harmonious fusion of both, the possibilities are boundless. The strategic positioning of this land ensures not only visibility but also accessibility, setting the stage for your future success.


  • Security: The property is enveloped by a sturdy perimeter wall, offering safety and peace of mind to you and your future occupants.
  • Utilities: Electricity connections are readily available, streamlining the path to immediate development.
  • Infrastructure: Internal murram roads crisscross the property, providing easy access to every corner.
  • Water Supply: Enjoy the convenience of a borehole and piped water supply to every plot, ensuring a consistent and reliable water source.
  • Sewer System: A well-planned sewer system is in place, ready to be linked to a proposed treatment plant, promoting sanitation and environmental responsibility.
  • Drainage: Stormwater drainage infrastructure enhances the property’s functionality and sustainability, minimizing water-related issues.

Plots for Sale Limuru Pricing Structure:

  • One Acre: Ksh 40,000,000
  • Half an Acre: Ksh 20,000,000
  • Eighth Acre: Ksh 5,500,000
  • The flexible pricing structure empowers you to customize your investment according to your unique needs and budget, ensuring both value for money and strategic flexibility.

Don’t let this exceptional opportunity slip through your grasp. Seize the chance to claim a piece of Limuru’s flourishing landscape. Contact us today and embark on a transformative journey to mold this prime land into your vision of success.

Potential Benefits of Owning Land in Limuru (Continued):

  • Scenic Beauty: Limuru’s picturesque surroundings and serene environment offer a peaceful backdrop for residential projects.
  • Investment Growth: With Limuru’s increasing popularity and strategic location, property values are likely to appreciate over time, making it a sound long-term investment.
  • Cultural Richness: Immerse in the local culture and heritage, adding depth and character to your investment in Limuru.
  • Proximity to Nairobi: Close proximity to Nairobi’s CBD (30 kilometers) ensures easy access to additional business, recreational, and educational opportunities.
  • Flexibility in Development: The generous land size allows for creative and expansive development plans, accommodating a wide range of projects.

Seize Your Future Today:

This is a rare opportunity to shape your future in Limuru. Contact us now and embark on the exciting journey of turning this prime land into the cornerstone of your success story. Act swiftly, and let’s make your vision a thriving reality!


PRICE: • One Acre: Ksh 40,000,000
• Half an Acre: Ksh 20,000,000
• Eighth Acre: Ksh 5,500,000

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