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5 BEDROOM THIKA bungalow for sale, Maporomoko Estate.

  • Ample Space: The generous living space provided by a 5-bedroom bungalow for sale in Thika offers numerous advantages. It allows for greater privacy and independence among family members, as each individual can have their own bedroom. Additionally, the extra rooms can be utilized for various purposes, such as setting up a home office for remote work or creating a dedicated space for hobbies and interests. If you frequently have guests or extended family visiting, having additional bedrooms ensures that everyone has comfortable accommodation.


  • Family-Friendly: The size of a 5-bedroom bungalow for sale in Thika makes it ideal for families with multiple children. Each child can have their own room, promoting personal space and a sense of belonging. Furthermore, the ample living areas like the living room, dining room, and backyard provide ample space for family activities and social gatherings. This layout encourages quality time and strengthens family bonds.


  • Rental Income Opportunity: Owning a 5-bedroom bungalow provides opportunities for generating rental income. With the surplus of bedrooms, you can consider renting out the extra rooms individually or as a single unit to tenants. This rental income can help offset your mortgage payments or serve as a passive source of additional income. Furthermore, a property located in a desirable area like Maporomoko Estate is likely to attract tenants, ensuring a steady demand for rental properties.


  • Versatility and Flexibility: The extra rooms in a 5-bedroom bungalow offer versatility and flexibility in how you utilize the space. You can customize the rooms to suit your needs and preferences. For example, you might convert one of the bedrooms into a home gym, allowing you to exercise conveniently from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, you could transform a spare room into a dedicated entertainment area, providing a space for relaxation and leisure activities. This flexibility ensures that your home can adapt to your changing lifestyle and priorities over time.


  • Prestigious Location: Maporomoko Estate, Thika, is a desirable neighbourhood known for its amenities, infrastructure, and security. It may offer access to quality schools, healthcare facilities, shopping centers, parks, and recreational areas. Living in a prestigious location enhances your overall quality of life and provides convenience in terms of accessibility to essential services. Additionally, being part of an esteemed neighbourhood can positively influence the value and marketability of your property.


  • Potential for Multigenerational Living: The spaciousness of a 5-bedroom bungalow is well-suited for multigenerational living. If you have elderly parents or anticipate their need to live with you in the future, having extra bedrooms ensures that everyone has their own space and privacy. You can allocate a separate wing or living area for older family members, allowing them to maintain their independence while still being part of the household.



  • Sitting on 0.5 acre
  • 5 bedrooms en-suite
  • Master en-suite with glass cubicles wc
  • Self-contained guestroom
  • 3 bedrooms sharing WC
  • Separate dining area with wood parquet and TNG ceiling
  • Pantry
  • Study room/ Office
  • Spacious Kitchen
  • Spacious lounge area
  • One guest WC
  • Well fitted wardrobe
  • Laminated floors on all bedrooms
  • TNG ceiling with high-quality timber
  • High-quality terrazzo in the kitchen and all wet areas
  • Big veranda
  • Big windows for natural light and air
  • Solid Mahogany on external doors
  • Workshop space
  • Garage for 2 cars
  • External space that can be converted into a house
  • Water heating system
  • Solar water heater capacity of 300L
  • Solar security lighting system
  • Well manicured garden
  • Mature Garden
  • Self-contained and detached SQ
  • Parking space available for more than 3 cars
  • Perimeter wall with mounted electric fence and razor wire