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USD 4,000,000



Discover Tanzania’s legacy in this expansive 4,600-ACRE LAND FOR SALE IN TANGA. Embrace tradition and innovation as you weave your story into its fertile tapestry.


  • Strategic Location: The land’s proximity to Mombasa, a major port city in Kenya, provides excellent logistical advantages for transporting goods. This can significantly reduce transportation costs and facilitate the efficient movement of agricultural products to regional and international markets.


  • Size and Scalability: With 4,600-ACRE LAND FOR SALE IN TANGA, you have a substantial area to work with. This allows for scalability and diversification of agricultural activities. You can allocate sections of the land for different crops, experimentation, and even potential future expansion into related industries like agro-processing.


  • Arable Soils: The presence of arable soils is a fundamental advantage for successful agriculture. These soils support healthy root development and nutrient absorption, leading to higher crop yields and better quality produce.


  • Equatorial Climate: Equatorial climates generally offer consistent temperatures and growing conditions throughout the year. This can be especially beneficial for crops that require stable and warm climates to thrive.


  • Long Lease Tenure: A 99-year lease period for this 4,600-ACRE LAND FOR SALE IN TANGA provides long-term stability and security for your investment. This is crucial in the agricultural sector, where it can take several years for crops to mature and yield substantial returns.


  • Valid Title Deed: A valid title deed with no encumbrances ensures that your ownership rights are legally protected. This minimizes the risk of potential ownership disputes that could arise in the absence of clear documentation.


  • Crop Diversity: The land’s suitability for growing a variety of crops such as sisal, cloves, and sunflowers gives you flexibility to adapt to changing market demands and conditions. Crop diversification can also help mitigate risks associated with market fluctuations or disease outbreaks affecting a single crop.


  • Existing Infrastructure: If the land already has some infrastructure in place, such as irrigation systems or access roads, this can save you time and resources during the development phase.


  • Investment Support: The regulations allowing foreign limited liability companies to invest through the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) demonstrate the Tanzanian government’s interest in attracting foreign investment. This could lead to streamlined administrative processes and potential investment incentives.


  • Economic Growth Potential: Investing in agriculture can contribute to the economic growth of the region. It can create jobs, stimulate local markets, and improve infrastructure over time, thereby benefiting both your investment and the community.


  • Environmental Stewardship: Depending on your approach to farming, you can implement sustainable and environmentally friendly practices on the land. This not only contributes positively to the ecosystem but also aligns with growing consumer preferences for ethically produced goods.


  • Potential Land Value Appreciation: Over the long term, well-managed agricultural land in a strategic location has the potential to appreciate in value. This could provide an additional avenue for returns on your investment.


In summary, investing in the expansive 4,600 acres of fertile expanse in Tanzania’s Tanga Region means embracing a boundless realm of potential.


With equatorial skies above and arable soils below, this canvas of promise invites you to cultivate not just crops like sisal, cloves, and sunflowers, but also dreams of prosperity.


As you stand at the intersection of opportunity and growth, supported by Tanzania Investment Centre’s guidance, you’re not just purchasing land; you’re sowing the seeds of transformation, where agricultural abundance converges with the beauty of enduring legacy.




  • The farm is located in Tanga Region, Tanzania, about 3 hours’ drive from Mombasa;


  • Size: 4,600 acres, fairly flat land; 




  • Tenure: Freehold for a lease period of 99 years




  • The farm is ideally suited for growing Sisal, cloves, Sunflower etc.


  • For a foreign Limited liability Company can buy or acquire land through Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) as an investor but first the company must be registered in Tanzania.


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