Most Important Things To Repair Before Renting A House

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You’ve been thinking about putting your house up for rent in Nairobi for a while now.You’ve settled on the rent price; thanks to the price margins you’ve seen on similar properties on real estate firms in Kenya. The next step is to make the necessary repairs to make your house suitable for occupation. 

In Kenya, property owners and landlords often run into instances where their units need a remodel or repairs to get back into the market.

Minor repairs and touch-ups such as rewiring, fixing sockets, and fixtures are your responsibility as the landlord when putting up a house to let in Nairobi. This is vital in making your property accommodative and attractive to potential customers. 

Here are some of the most important things to repair when renting out your house.

Water leaks and drips.

Do a thorough check for leaking sinks or ceilings and dripping faucets. A faulty tap is one that still leaks even when the faucet is closed. When customers are out looking for apartments for sale in Kenya, they look for properties with a constant water supply. You can set up a borehole to ensure that the property will never lack water.


The best way to refresh a space is by adding a new coat of paint. Changing the paint gives your rental a whole new look. If the rental is not new, chances are high that the previous tenant left the house needing a paint job. Hanging things like wall art, wiring, and mirrors around the house usually causes the paint to chip.


To ensure the tenant’s safety and avoid liability, make sure the locks are changed before moving in. A tenant who has just left the property might have made duplicates for family and friends. To be on the safe side, change the locks before your next tenant’s occupation.

Fumigate for pests

No tenant wants to move into a house infested with pests like bed bugs or cockroaches. Contract an expert fumigator to spray down our entire property to be on the safe side. You never know where the bugs are hiding. It’s better off to kill them before they become a menace.

Deep clean your house.

When people are house hunting, especially for serviced apartments in Nairobi, they are very keen on the cleanliness of the house, furniture, walls, and equipment. If you’re planning to set up a serviced apartment, be sure to deep clean and sanitize the whole house.

Once all the repairs are done, and you’re satisfied with the outcome, the next step is to look through a list of property agents in Kenya who can help you get good tenants. There are a lot of property management companies in Nairobi that offer exceptional services in real estate. You have a great chance of finding a buyer or a tenant when you list your property on their platforms. Additionally, there are quite many properties in Kenya that are up for sale or rent, making competition high. Therefore, it is advisable to contract the help of a certified property management company in Nairobi to help you stand out from the competition. 

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